Anna T. Jones, LCSW

About Anna...

Anna has provided counseling in a clinical setting for over 6 years focusing on a wide spectrum of emotional challenges in adults and children.  She graduated from Arizona State University in 2011 with a Master's in Social Work.  Since then she has practiced both clinical counseling for both adults and children as well as school based counseling services.  Prior to counseling she served as a Special Education teacher in the Arizona Public School system.  Mrs. Jones has a keen ability to connect with people and always takes the time to understand their values.  Treatment is focused on each persons individual needs and goals to reach a better level of emotional comfort.

        "The choice to seek professional help is a courageous decision.  Everyone has events in their lives in which they have to cope.  Sometimes the coping techniques a person has used in the past don't work so well anymore and they need help finding new ways to deal with those events.  My clients and I work together to understand changes and to develop adaptive coping skills needed to survive the events in their lives."